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Technology for Loan

Borrow the Internet

  • Mobile WiFi Hotspots are available to borrow from the Callander Public Library. These Hotspots offer internet connectivity to Wi-Fi-enabled devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) through cellular networks.

  • The Hotspots also come with instructions and free tech lessons so you can successfully set-up, and use the device.

  • At this time, three hotspots are available for those 60+, and one for those under 60 years old.

  • To request a Hotspot, call 705-752-2544 or visit the library.


Tablets and Ipads

  • You can now borrow iPads and Android tablets with your Library membership. Use it to browse Facebook, call your family on Zoom, or simply browse the internet.

  • Technology training and support are always available for those who need it. As always, this service is free with your Library membership.

  • To request a device, call 705-752-2544 or visit the library.

Daisy Readers

  • Do you have difficulty reading print materials? Borrow one of our DAISY audiobook devices, which allows you to listen to hundreds of audiobooks easily and clearly with your library card.



  • Borrow one of our Kobo E-Readers, which are pre-loaded with a variety of books

  • Click HERE to see which books are currently available on the e-readers

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