Hooray for Hat!

Hello Friends!

Today I am sharing "Hooray for Hat!" written and illustrated by Brian Won, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. In today's story, Elephant wakes up grumpy but a surprise silly gift brings a smile to his face and he quickly spreads his joy to his friends. This story is a good reason to be a little silly today, so get out your silliest hats and have fun!

Before watching the video, it might be fun to put a silly hat on, I did! You should also look at the song sheet below so that you can sing along with your child/children. A scarf or kerchief will be helpful for singing some of our songs today.

Afterwards here are some activities, sure to spread some happiness and few giggles too:

1. Make a silly hat: I had a lot of fun making this silly hat! I used an old hat, pipecleaners, pompoms, googly eyes, popsicle sticks and paper cups. You can use anything you find around the house!

You can make your own silly hat as well, you can fold one out of paper (link here) or check your recycling bin for inspiration, empty kleenex boxes make great hats, especially for small heads!

2. Go on a Parade: Put your silly hat on, get dressed up and go for a walk, you might feel silly but I guarantee you will make someone smile today! (If you feel like sharing a picture of your parade with us, we would LOVE to see it!)

3. Send a card: Make a card for someone

4. Hooray for Hat! Activity Sheets: created by author and illustrator Brian Won. Includes colouring sheets, dot to dots, printable hats you can make at home and more! (link here).

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Have Fun!

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